Yeti n° 1

Yohannes Camps-Campins

Original art
Small limited editions

  • Signed, certified and numbered
  • 5-limited editions per format
  • Developed on brand HD photo paper
  • Luminous colorations / strong contrasts
  • Highest European production standards
  • Anti-UV acrylic glass
  • Permanent-sealed / dust free
  • Premium gallery aluminium frames
  • Back suspension pre-installed
  • International shipping included
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UltraHD PrintLuminous coloursGlossy glassAnti-UV protectionSilicone sealedAluminium frameBack suspensionCertified artSecured packaging


Yeti n° 1

The Yeti was a part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people.
The Lepcha people worshipped a “Glacier Being” as a God of the Hunt and the Bön religion once believed
the blood of the “mi rgod” (wild man) had use in certain mystical ceremonies.

Medium : Installation, glass-press photography, digital

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Collector Square Frame 50 cm, Collector Square Frame 80 cm, Collector Square Frame 100 cm, Collector Square Frame 120 cm

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