Pag n° 7

Yohannes Camps-Campins

Original art
Small limited editions

  • Signed, certified and numbered
  • 5-limited editions per format
  • Developed on brand HD photo paper
  • Luminous colorations / strong contrasts
  • Highest European production standards
  • Anti-UV acrylic glass
  • Permanent-sealed / dust free
  • Premium gallery aluminium frames
  • Back suspension pre-installed
  • International shipping included
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UltraHD PrintLuminous coloursGlossy glassAnti-UV protectionSilicone sealedAluminium frameBack suspensionCertified artSecured packaging


Pag n° 7

In the early 15th century, Pag island came to be under Venetian rule.
For centuries then on, the Venetian aristocracy sailed to her shores and stole her trees.
And the winter winds did the rest.

Medium : photography, digital

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Collector Wide Frame 50 cm x 88 cm, Collector Wide Frame 80 cm x 140 cm, Collector Wide Frame 100 cm x 175 cm

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