Collector Frame

Experience high-end framing.

The Collector frame is a premium gallery aluminium box frame, structured with a unique deep profile (50 mm).
Comprised of an UltraHD colour print sealed under a high transparent glossy acrylic glass.
The glass is set just within the box aluminium frame expressing a very contemporary and unique sensation.

You are an art collector.

Collector frame
Aluminium box casing
Depth 50 mm
Rigid Dibond® backing
3 mm (thickness)
Double layer sandwich
Polyethylene core

Colour paper
Fuji Crystal DPII
UltraHD printing
Luminous colours

Monochrome paper
Ilford B/W
Detailed shades
Strong contrasts

Glossy acrylic glass
2 mm (thickness)
High UV protection laminate
Permanent-sealed silicone
Dust-free sealed

Bordering aluminium rail

Certification :
CC Certified™
Original artwork
5-limited signed editions
Number & series

Secured packaging
International shipping

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